Every place in Sedona is a great place to snap a photo and have a unique experience, but these are a collection of some of my favorites.  They can be linked together over the course of several sessions to get a very complete photo experience in Sedona.  I kept these sample photos basic so the real beauty of these places will be unlocked when you visit.

West Sedona

Crescent Moon Ranch

Excellent for longer shoots, the park has many different shooting locations within a small walking distance.  It features a mix of shade and green with fields and red rock.  There is a $12 entrance fee but it's a great place to have a picnic and spend some time before or after your shoot.

Time of Day: Any                          Click for Location

Walk: 100-1000ft              Parking: Difficult mid day

Secret Slick Rock

Ease of access with one of the most close up and dramatic views of Cathedral Rock.  Several shooting locations are within 200ft but the Secret Slick Rock is a short walk up and over a hill with a 270 degree view.  If water is present there are puddles as a bonus.

Time of Day: Sunset             Click for Location

Walk: 100-2000ft small hill         Parking: Easy

Red Rock Crossing Road

Several different pull offs exist along this road and all of them have stunning views of the iconic red rock formations in the distance.  While each pull off is unique, they are all easy to access and provide several different views with interesting trees and rock formations.

Time of Day: Sunrise/Sunset    Upper Lot   Lower Lot

Walk: 10-200ft                                Parking: Moderate

South Sedona

Tlaquepaque Village

Stunning retro architecture with incredible landscaping make (tuh · laa · kay · paa · kee) a visual mosaic for photo experiences.  Old world tile work, large fountains, and incredible sculptures line the grounds of this shopping and eating destination.  It does get busy so there are very limited times to shoot here.

Time of Day: Early Morning       Click for Location

Walk: 100-1000ft                         Parking: Moderate

Schnebly Hill

Schnebly Hill Road goes for miles if you have a 4x4,  and there are trails that lead to various locations from 50 feet to 2 miles away.  Just steps from the parking lot are 3 great shooting locations and if you are willing to take a hike or bushwack I can take you to some of my favorite "secret" spots from this trailhead.

Time of Day: Sunrise/Sunset     Click for Location

Walk: 50ft-2 miles                               Parking: Easy

Yavapai Vista

A short uphill walk leads to one of the most expansive vistas in Sedona with excellent views of Bell, Courthouse, and many iconic rock formations.  There are very open but also secluded views in this large area and sometimes we are lucky to catch a drum circle or dance session here.

Time of Day: Sunset/Sunrise      Click for Location

Walk: 1000ft easy uphill                      Parking: Easy

Courthouse Vista

So many options as you are up close to the 3 major rock formations in Sedona, and there are 100's of unique views.  Some are a short walk with panoramic views, others are a long scramble to the top of Baby Bell Rock, but most of the spots here lie somewhere in between.  Parking can be difficult but if you are patient, people are constantly leaving.

Time of Day: Sunset/Sunrise      Click for Location

Walk: 300-2000ft                        Parking: Moderate

Other Locations

Ranging from shady, lush canyons to Native American ruins, Sedona holds many secrets and also many very popular locations.  If you have seen something in the past or want a new idea, simply contact me and we will make it happen.  Exploring Sedona is one of the best ways to capture great photos and lasting experiences.  I also specialize in night photography and brand photography.

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